Big game

Come experience true western big game hunting with us. Specializing in fair chase, private land, fully outfitted hunts for Elk, Mule Deer, Antelope, Moose, and Mountain Lion. Our team of experienced and passionate guides will cater to your needs in the field in pursuit of a trophy western big game hunt like none other. Choose from both archery and rifle hunts. Our packages include absolutely everything, all you need to do is arrive.

Elk & Deer Hunting

Five Day Hunts
Elk and Deer hunting trips are an iconic part of the American West. The elk of South Central Wyoming make seasonal migrations from the high country, in the summer months, to the lowlands of the Platte River Valley for the winter. The elk rut during the heart of the archery season in September. French Creek also has a spectacular habitat that supports a healthy mule deer population. The pine timber patches on hillsides leading into large aspen patches and big draws covered in sagebrush give a smart old buck great places to hide and feel safe with plenty of browse to feed on. Sometimes patience is needed to watch for the slightest movement from a feeding or bedded deer.

  • Application Periods: Deer – Jan. 1 – May 31; Elk – Jan. 1 – Jan. 31
  • Geographic Zones: Deer – Area 78 and Area 79 – Type 1; Elk – General License
  • Draw Dates: Deer – June 30; Elk – Feb. 28
  • Start Dates: Deer – Sept. 1 (Archery), Oct. 1 (Rifle); Elk – Sept. 1 (Archery), Oct. 15 (Rifle)
Pronghorn Antelope Hunting

Three Day, Four Night Hunts
Pronghorn Antelope are the fastest land mammal in North America. Pursuing these “speed goats” can be both challenging and exciting on Wyoming antelope hunting trips. Hunts are mostly spot and stalk, starting with extensive glassing from a vantage point until a buck of choice is located. Antelope have excellent eyesight and are typically found on flat terrain. The tricky part is finding variances in topography that offer a way to slip in close enough for a shot. The typical shot distance may be upwards of 250 yards, so long distance practice is a must. All bucks pursued will be of a mature age, with horn size upwards of 12 inches tall. Antelope make for a beautiful trophy as well as great table fare.

  • Application Period: Jan. 1 – May 31
  • Geographic Zone: Area 50/51 Type 1
  • Draw Date: June 30
  • Start Date: Sept. 16 (Rifle)
Moose Hunting

Five Day Hunt
Area 38 for Moose is one of the best in the state for trophy quality and numbers of animals. The creek bottom and steep hillsides on the ranch are great habitats for these massive animals. Big bulls will migrate on to the ranch following the cows from the bordering Medicine Bow National Forest, giving a hunter an opportunity at an amazing trophy. For those interested in “meat” only moose hunting trips, cow hunts are also available.

  • Application Period: Jan. 1 – Feb. 28
  • Geographic Zone: Area 38
  • Draw Date: May 8
  • Start Date: Oct. 1 (Rifle)
Mountain Lion Hunting

Five Day Hunt

The mountain lion is a quota season, beginning September 1 and running to March 31. Wyoming mountain lion hunting trips are normally in the snow, which provides the best tracking conditions. A pack of hounds raised and trained by a legendary hound’s man of the area will be used to pursue the big cat. In the early morning, the crew will drive the roads in either pickup or snow vehicle to find the tracks of a mature tom. The hounds will be released and let the chase begin. This hunt can be short with not much physical endurance or can be a long grueling day trailing the dogs and lion. This hunt is either done on foot or from horseback depending on the conditions, location, and client.

  • Application Period: Over-the-Counter License
  • Geographic Zone: Area 7 & Area 31
  • Draw Date: N/A
  • Hunt Dates: Dec. 1 – Jan. 31