Waters We Fish

Our 30,000 acre ranch offers exclusive, private access to some of the most revered freestone fishing waters in the world. Fly fishing takes place on over twenty miles of crystalline waters on Brush Creek, French Creek, the acclaimed North Platte River, and the Encampment River, all accessible by waders or drift boat. Additionally, the North Platte has miles of blue-ribbon waters for hearty brown and rainbow trout. Flowing beautifully through broad canyons and sloping valleys, this river is one of the most iconic fly fishing destinations in North America.

We also have a collection of highly productive stillwater fisheries on the Ranch, providing a scenic alternative style of fishing for all ages, in nearly any weather condition. Our seasoned team provides a guide for every two guests, giving you attentive, personalized service, whether you desire detailed instruction or advice on how to maximize your time on these storied fishing waters.

North Platte River

The North Platte River is a tributary of the Missouri River, and eventually dumps into the Mississippi and the Gulf of Mexico. Over its entire course it is 1,050 miles long and one of 3 rivers in the continental US that flows north/south for over 100 consecutive miles, most rivers in the country flow east/west. The section in the valley here is known as the Upper North Platte River, the river originates about 50 miles south of the ranch in North Park, Colorado. The river flows north to central Wyoming where it starts turning to the East. In North Platte, Nebraska it meets up with the South Platte River and then becomes the Platte River. Platte is French for “flat river”. For the upper reaches it is considered a freestone river, therefore it is not damned until you go north of Saratoga where it enters a series of dams. It is well-renowned for offering world class fishing opportunities for primarily Rainbow and Brown Trout. Brush Creek Ranch has exclusive access to over 10 miles of private water on the North Platte. Additionally, our guides fish and use public put-ins and take-outs for floats, making the angling opportunities endless.

Encampment River

The Encampment River is one of the most notable tributaries of the North Platte River, it flows for 44.7 miles and originates just south of the Colorado/Wyoming border. Its upper reaches flow through the Sierra Madre National Forest, then enter the Encampment River Wilderness area.  The majority of the river flows through public land throughout its course. The only private water is found on the lower 1/3 of the river. Brush Creek owns 2 parcels of land along the Encampment, offering over 3 miles of exclusive river access to its guests for both wade and float trips. Eventually, it empties into the North Platte River, in between Riverside and Saratoga, WY. It is known for its abundant and healthy bug life and fish populations. Some of the larger fish in the valley can be found within the banks of the Encampment. The Green Drake hatch is the most notable and occurs in late June or early July, it can offer phenomenal dry fly fishing.

French Creek

French Creek is an important tributary of the North Platte River that starts high in the Medicine Bow National Forest. Throughout the higher reaches, you can find plentiful populations of Brook Trout and the occasional Cutthroat Trout. Down towards the lower reaches we see primarily Brown and rainbow trout. The last 4 miles of French Creek are located on our very own Sanger Ranch property. From the confluence where it dumps into the “Platte” up to our property boundary you will find high gradient pocket water, deep cuts and bends that are teeming for trout larger than one would expect by the size of the creek. These fish love to eat dry flies and do not see much fishing pressure. French Creek is difficult to wade and tight overhanging brush make an accurate cast a must.